Community Outreach

The purpose of the Piano Ambassador program is to introduce audiences to classical piano literature through multi-media and multi-disciplinary formats.  It offers two types of performance opportunities: Community/Educational outreach and Multi-disciplinary concerts. The main difference is the type of audience.

Annie Liu performing prior to the Florenzia Festival Outreach performance presented by the USUO at the Sorenson Unity Center (January 18, 2013)

Community outreach offers programs not only to Title-1 schools and community after school programs, but also to informal and formal performances for community and civic organization events. Educational outreach concerts are held in locations that manage piano programs; creating opportunity for students to perform on Class-I pianos. Interested applicants will be notified as events arise throughout the year.

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2015-2016 Piano Ambassador Guidelines

2015-2016 Piano Ambassador Application  (PDF)   (WORD)

Media Release  (PDF)   (WORD)

Multi-Disciplinary Concerts

Ambassador Junhao Wang performing during Equations (2014)

Ambassador Junhao Wang performing during Equations (2014)